How You Can Save Time Reading

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of books that you want to read, but just can’t find the time. I for one don’t have enough time to read all the books on my constantly growing “To Read” project. Right now the infinity sign shows up where a number should be… Recently I came […]

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Setting Up Nozbe Integrations

Now it’s time to peek under the hood of my personal productivity systems. Yeah, the one that is so simple I don’t have to think about it. This system begins with setting up Nozbe integrations to work with your other apps. In this post, you’ll learn how Nozbe’s integrations connect all your favorite apps together […]

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Why Not Start Today?

start today

The first day back to work after a few days rest always seems a little harder. Just that little change in routine makes all the difference. Last week I finished reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Not only is he a great storyteller, but his book had so much practical and actionable advice. Here are a few […]

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