How My Writing Became Army Strong

You know you’re in for a good time when the Soldiers begin telling stories. In the Army, we have a universal story starter that helps us tell our tales. Nearly every story begins with the same four words, “So there I was.” When I hear that phrase, I know something great is about to happen. I’ve sat back and listened to more stories than I can count. But, now its my turn. So there I was…

How My Writing Became ARMY STRONG

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Inspiration Strikes

It was summer 2008. Like a new recruit at Basic Training I started a Master’s program. The excitement of a new school year was still fresh in the air. I was forging my path and taking charge of my life. One of my new buddies showed me the ropes of this new school.  I always considered myself a tech geek, but this guy gave me a run for my money. He had the added bonus of being a great writer and curator. I was intrigued. He was on Twitter and blogging using WordPress. More than anything, this guy just got things done.

So one day we were sitting in a tech class, bored during a lecture, when I started a blog! I really had no idea what I would write about, but I would give it the old college try (pun completely intended). I made the mistake of writing very heady philosophical pieces. My writing went over like a bag of rocks. I didn’t care. I ended up writing once a week for maybe four or five weeks, but then the graduate study load caught up with me. Finding time to write became really tough with school, a wife, and two kids under the age of three. I had exactly two readers: my geeky buddy and me. Not even my family was reading my blog. Exhausted, I gave up.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

After graduation, I moved my family to the mountains of Montana and began my teaching career. Everything was new.  New job, new friends, and new beer. Maybe it was time to start writing again. I conquered some new internet real estate and started another blog. This time I was focused. I had a theme: the buffalo (sounds pretty Montana, right?). I would write about the buffalo and inspire people! If I was lucky this time I could get my family and students to read it. Again, I had steam for a few weeks, but gave up when I couldn’t find time or energy to write. This blog withered away too.

The next school year began with excitement in the air. It was time for me to start another blog. By now you see the pattern. A new school year, lead to a fresh start, which lead to a new blog, which lead to writing, which succumbed to a busy schedule, where my blog got tossed aside. I went through this cycle four different times with four different focuses. Every time I let my enthusiasm die.

…Find The Motivation Anyway,

I enlisted in the National Guard as an officer candidate while living in Montana. The sergeants and other trainers instilled grit and leadership in me. They knew that I would lead Soldiers one day, so they intentionally put me in stressful situations to see if I had what it took to push through and complete my missions. I always thought I was tough, but was I Army Strong?

I moved again for a new teaching job in 2012. I had new responsibilities at work and a new baby at home. I learned from history, and did not start a blog this time. I waited two years.

I always share “life-lessons” with the seniors who are about to head off to college. They love hearing about my Army stories. They constantly ask how I can be a teacher, Soldier, and dad with only 24 hours each day. I put together a short eBook for them, and they were thrilled.

Earlier that year I began reading blogs by Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, and Jeff Sanders. Their writing proved that if you had something to share, there was an audience who would listen. The eBook I created for my students eventually inspired me to pick up blogging again. I wrote my first eBook and launched my online platform.

But Don’t Lose Focus on What’s Important.


Now that I know my writing is Army Strong, I know this blog will survive.

Though I will share many personal stories here, this blog is not about me. This blog is about developing the Mission Mindset that all husbands and fathers need to lead their families effectively.

This is place to stop giving excuses for being distracted and to focus on the missions that matter.

I write about family leadership, personal development and relationships. I am here to help distracted husbands and fathers focus on what really matters. I’ll share the process of how to define a mission, develop a plan, and take action to lead families as Godly men.

If you are an average Joe (or Jane) who is ready to take charge of your life and improve your family, sign up for weekly updates and receive a free copy of my latest eBook.

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