What Does the Nozbe Ratio Actually Mean & What’s it Good for?

If you’re a Nozbe user, then you’ve likely received an email of your “Weekly Productivity Report.” Nozbe sends you the “Nozbe Ratio” as a percentage that is supposed to show you your average productivity for the week. But what does the Nozbe Ratio actually mean?

Nozbe Ratio

A couple weeks ago, I was watching one of Nozbe’s new webinars when Michael Sliwinski finally shared the secret behind the Nozbe Ratio. Here is a screenshot I grabbed of their “secret” formula.

Nozbe Ratio Screenshot

So here is what that means for your weekly productivity.

Each week you complete tasks and check them off. Some tasks you delegate responsibility. And others need to be deleted because they are no longer relevant or they just won’t get accomplished.

Add these three numbers to give you the total fewer tasks in your account.

Next, they add all the tasks you created or received. Add these two numbers to give you the total tasks added to your account.

A little quick division and then multiply by 100%…

…and you have your Nozbe Ratio.

What good is this number?

I use my Nozbe Ratio to get a glimpse of whether or not I am becoming more on less productive. I don’t pay much attention to the actual number, but more attention to the overall trend.

Here is a graph of my Nozbe Ratios since they first emailed.

My Nozbe Ratio

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As you can see, my productivity is usually in the 90% – 110% range. Some weeks are better than others.

The spike on June 8 shows me cleaning out all my old tasks and deleting a few projects. More tasks on the top of the equation equal higher productivity.

Overall, the goal is to keep your Nozbe Ratio at 100% or higher so you are completing more tasks than you create each week.

[shareable]The goal is to keep your Nozbe Ratio at 100% or higher[/shareable]

If you consistently (4-6 weeks) have a Nozbe Ratio below 100%, it’s probably time for you to make some tough choices and limit the number of projects and tasks you take on. Check out this video for a great way to do that.

Then, you’ll be back on track at focusing on your missions that matter most.

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