Full Focus Planner

I’ve been using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner since it was released at the end of 2017. It captures the core of Michael’s productivity systems and actually helps you focus on the right tasks to make major progress on your goals. Sections for goal setting, routines, daily schedules, and even long-term planning keep me using this planner every quarter. Try it for 3 months to see how much it helps you achieve your goals.


Apple’s native podcast app is clunky. That’s where Overcast comes in. It makes listening to podcasts simple and easy in a way that’s stable and reliable. One of the best features of Overcast isan effect called smart speed that removes dead time from each track shortening the time you spend listening to silence. Smart speed has saved me over 147 hours beyond just listening 2X speed.

Timbuk 2 Messenger Bag

This bag is deceptively sized. I’m 6’4” and have looked everywhere for a small bag that still fits my tall frame and still holds all my stuff. Though it looks small from the outside, it easily holds my 13.3” MacBook Pro, several books, a water bottle, all my charging cords, and other personal items because of how well planned the inner pockets are. The fabric is incredible too and the zippers are strong. Definitely buy this bag. You won’t be disappointed.

Starbucks Via

When I don’t have time to actually make a pot of coffee or if I just want one cup to get me going in the morning, I reach for the Via. I know instant coffee usually sucks, but Starbucks has actually made an instant coffee that tastes like real coffee. It’s reasonably priced and keeps me from wasting any left over black-magic-bean-juice

Car Vent Phone Mount

I love this vent mount because it works with my current iPhone (and my old iPhone 7 Plus). It uses your car’s vent, so no tape or glue will ruin your dashboard or windshield. It works in both portrait or landscape mode, so it’s perfect for using as a GPS or listening to podcasts. It’s inexpensive and helped me turn my car into a mobile learning center.

Hydroflask – 40 oz

This is the best water bottle out there. It keeps your water cold or your tea hot all day long, and that’s no lie! It’s one of the biggest water bottles that is still easy to take along wherever you go. Plus, it helps me drink enough water each day. Oh, and one more thing, it’s completely stainless steel, so it doesn’t soak up any flavors (which means your water will always taste like water if you wash it regularly).

Zebra Pens

These are pens are awesome for the office or in the field. I used Zebra pens in the military field environment because I they held up thanks to their stainless steel build. They seem to last forever and never smear. And, they’re easy to refill for pretty cheap.