Toggl Track

Toggl Track is the only time tracking software I recommend that integrates with Nozbe, Todoist, and Asana on the web, so you can easily track how much time is spent on specific projects and tasks. See what you are actually doing and how much time is wasted (or not). Toggl helps you monitor your productivity and find your common distractions so you make progress and focus on what’s most important.


Do you ever wish you could “Remember Everything?” I use Evernote as a second brain to capture quick notes or store any type of digital file. Notes are accessible wherever you are on all the different platforms you already use.


If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of books that you want to read, but just can’t find the time. This is one of my favorite tools to catch up on reading. It gives quick summaries for hundreds of the top business, personal development, and productivity books and the list grows weekly. It gets straight to the main points, so I can start taking action. I love that I can get summaries in either text, audio, or even some in video and get the main ideas in around 12 minutes. Plus it has many of the books I recommend on this page.


For almost a decade Nozbe has been my go to app for getting things done. It’s one of the best GTD stye task management tools. I’ve quit using it several times to find something better, but I always come back. I actually liked Nozbe so much I learned everything about it and became a Nozbe Ambassador to teach others just how awesome it is. If you’re new to Nozbe use the link below to get 3 free months when you subscribe yearly.