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Wednesday September 06, 2023

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Previously I shared about the The 5 benefits of implementing Standard Operating Procedures In Your Business.

And today, we’ll continue with benefit number three (click the links to access past issues).

  1. Consistency & Predictability
  2. Increased Efficiency
  3. Scalability
  4. Better Communication
  5. Reduced Stress

This week, let’s look at how using standard operating procedures can help your business effectively scale without the stress.

When a business is small, it is easier to keep track of tasks and responsibilities. However, as the business grows, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep track of everything and everyone.

By implementing SOPs you can ensure that work is completed consistently and efficiently, even as the business grows.

Here are three ways templates and standard operating procedures can help your business scale:

1. Reduced Training Time Helps You Scale Faster

When processes are standardized, new employees or contractors can easily learn how to complete complex tasks by following a template or checklist.

Streamlining the onboarding process reduces the time and resources required to train new team members.

Training new team members is crucial to ensuring that they can effectively contribute to the organization and more quickly settle into their respective roles, which is always a good thing.

A more efficient onboarding process also helps to improve retention rates. When new team members feel more supported and valued by the organization, they tend to be happier and more productive.

2. Consistent Quality Makes Scaling Possible

As your business grows and expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain consistent quality…especially for teams working remotely around the world.

SOPs help to ensure that all tasks are completed to the same high expectation every time. Consistent quality is critical for customer satisfaction.

Just look at how you get the same burger at any McDonald’s in the world, or how you get the same exact coffee every time you go to Starbucks…not to mention the fact that they were likely made by teenagers.

Dan Martell calls this “McDonaldizing” in his book Buy Back Your Time.

He explains the power of creating and using playbooks to deliver consistent quality and how the idea is to have a process that, “can be replicated nearly anywhere on planet Earth.”

If at some point you discover that your quality is going down, you know it’s time to reevaluate or update the checklist to get things back on track.

3. Better Communication Makes Scaling Easier

As your business grows and becomes more complex, effective communication within your team becomes increasingly important.

SOPs provide a shared understanding of how tasks should be completed, which helps to reduce misunderstandings and miscommunications between team members. This is incredibly important for businesses operating remotely.

We’ll look more at this next time, but for now let’s look at an example of how a small online store can use SOPs to simplify their purchase process and scale without the stress.

Once a customer enters their credit card info and buys your product, what happens next?

A simple and scaleable SOP for this would include steps for:

  • product delivery,
  • customer onboarding,
  • post-purchase follow up
  • identifying the next product that would help your client
  • educating your customer on the next product
  • selling the product
  • and repeating the cycle

The goal is to consistently ensure the customer actually achieves the result you promised.

As your company grows and more customers buy, the customer purchase process can be followed consistently, welcoming new customers into your ecosystem, while all the steps are performed accurately, on time, and increase the chances that customers will purchase again.

Need Help Documenting Your Processes So You Can Scale Without The Stress? Click Here To Get My Fill-In-The-Blank SOP Template.


Do you use A/B testing in your email campaigns?

Not only do we A/B test subject lines but we also test… 🥁🥁🥁


Yes, we test what’s included inside our emails.

Testing content allowed us to track which Calls To Action are more effective & which content format has better Click Through Rates.

The goal is to test and learn how we can more effectively share their message while serving their subscribers and customers better.

One of my teachers, Brennan Dunn, has an easy method to A/B test content if you’re not too afraid of code.

What are three different content tests you can run this week?


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