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My Favorite Tools for Running Business Operations & Mastering Productivity

The right resource can make or break your productivity and business operations. And the best resource makes them simple and streamlined.

Check out the apps, software, and products that help business owners stay productive.

NOTE: Some links on this page are affiliate links. That means I earn money if you buy through my link. This in no way affects my suggestions. I only recommend products I know, love, and trust.

Productivity / Organization

Nozbe is the #1 app for getting things done. It’s the best task management tool for everything from simple task lists to professional team projects. I like Nozbe so much I learned everything about it and became a Nozbe Ambassador to teach others just how awesome it is.

Do you ever wish you could “Remember Everything?” Now you can. I use Evernote as a second brain. Now I feel like an elephant who never forgets. Take quick notes or store any type of digital file in Evernote to make it accessible wherever you are.

MindMeister is an online mind-mapping tool that allows you to visualize, connect, share, and present your ideas. I’ve been using MindMeister for the 3-4 years and absolutely love it. I personally use MindMeister for brainstorming project plans, connecting ideas, and documenting workflows to streamline processes.

WorkFlowy is an online notebook for brainstorming, making outlines, and keeping track of projects. It’s flexible enough to use for creativity and productivity

Toggl is the only time tracking software I recommend that integrates with Nozbe, so you can easily track how much time is spent on specific projects and tasks. See what you are actually doing and how much time is wasted (or not). Toggl helps you monitor your productivity and find your common distractions so you make progress and streamline productivity.

Dropbox makes sharing documents, pdfs, and media files a breeze. By keeping files in sync across devices and storing local copies, you can work wherever you are even if you’re offline. And best of all, Dropbox files can easily be added to Nozbe to keep all your files with your tasks.

Physical Tools

These are pens are awesome for the office or in the field. I use Zebra pens in the military field environment because I know they’ll hold up thanks to their stainless steel build. They seem to last forever and never smear. And, they’re easy to refill for pretty cheap.

This is the best water bottle out there. It keeps your water cold or your tea hot all day long, and that’s no lie! It’s one of the biggest water bottles out there, that is still easy to take along wherever you go. Plus, it helps me drink enough water each day. Oh, and one more thing, it’s completely stainless steel, so it doesn’t soak up any flavors (which means your water will always taste like water if you wash it regularly).

I love this vent mount because it works with my current iPhone 7 (and my old iPhone 6S Plus). It uses your car’s vent, so no tape or glue can ruin your dashboard or windshield. It works in both portrait or landscape mode, so it’s perfect for using as a GPS or listening to podcasts. This inexpensive tool helped me turn my car into a mobile learning center.

Tools for Business

ConvertKit is the email service that keeps me sane. It’s simple to use with advanced features and keeps my email delivery streamlined so readers get only the emails that matter to them. Get started for free today even if you don’t have a website yet.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of books that you want to read, but just can’t find the time. This is one of my favorite tools to catch up on reading. It gives quick summaries for hundreds of the top business, personal development, and productivity books and the list grows weekly. It gets straight to the main points, so I can start taking action. I love that I can get summaries in either text, audio, or even some in video and get the main ideas in around 12 minutes.

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