Resources For Busy Online Business Owners

These resources will help you simplify, automate, and be more productive in growing your business. I only recommend products I absolutely know, love, and trust. Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I can earn a commission if you make a purchase. Click the category below to find exactly what you're looking for.



When it comes to email service providers the only one I've recommended since 2015 is ConvertKit. As Subscriber #1,472, you could say I’ve been using ConvertKit for a while, and I just keep finding new possibilities. The team behind ConvertKit is incredible, support is quick, and I never have to worry about my emails getting to my audience's inbox. Advanced features are so easy to use, I've taught people twice my age how to quickly build advanced automations, segment their list, and create a great overall customer experience. Click below to learn more and get a free account for up to 1,000 subscribers.


If you're looking to add QUALITY leads to your newsletter or email list, then SparkLoop is for you. They're the #1 newsletter growth platform for a reason. Creators like Tim Ferris, James Clear, Robby Miles 😉, and countless others use SparkLoop to grow their email list through referrals. It's super simple to set up your partner program to begin getting recommendations right away. And if you struggle with the tech, the team is there to hold your hand every step of the way (shout-out to Cole who I've worked with extensively). To learn more about the best way to grow your list, click below to check out SparkLoop


If you enjoyed playing with LEGO as a kid, or if you've struggled to integrate your project management tools, process documentation, and team communication Notion is the perfect app for you.

Instead of having just a notes app, imagine having a single tool tailored to your exact needs. Notion allows you to build your own all-in-one app without writing a single line of code, and it's my go-to tool for streamlining my business and working with clients.

With my clients, I have the entire project, communication plan, and documentation inside Notion.

If you're working with a team and want to have everything in a single place, Notion is for you. Whether it's managing projects in lists, boards, or for you project nerds out there Gantt charts, Notion has you covered. 

Plus, Notion AI helps me every day by drafting processes, brainstorming, and cleaning up my writing (including this...whoa totally meta).


ThriveCart is the #1 sales-page/funnel builder and shopping cart that I personally recommend and trust. Other companies are marketers who sell software, but ThriveCart is a software company first. Its amazing page builder, impressive integrations, affiliate management system, and security features make it stand out. They're currently offering a LIFETIME subscription (including all future updates). This one-time purchase paid for itself within a month and I never have to purchase anything again. Click below to learn more.


My Social Media Super Hero. I'm not a huge fan of hanging out on social media. It steals all my energy and is a key to procrastinating on my big projects. That's where Publer comes in. It's a single dashboard where I can schedule all my marketing & social media posts without getting sucked into doomscrolling. I use it to schedule X threads and recurring posts (putting my posts on auto-pilot), LinkedIn posts, and more. It helps you automate your posting to all your different channels including TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, everything!


Every single day I need to do a quick screen recording for a client or friend. My go to app is Loom because of how simple it is to record and send. Whether I'm trying to help them troubleshoot a technical issue, walk them through a project plan, or shoot a quick introduction video, Loom helps me quickly capture and send with a sharable link. Best of all, Loom helps me work asynchronously saving me hours every single day since I'm on fewer live video calls. Check out how easy it is below.

I've been using to help me get instant focus since 2015, and the app just keeps getting better. provides music that's scientifically tested to get you focused quickly. Start a track and you'll immediately improve your focus or your relaxation. One of my favorite features that beats similar apps is offline mode for those times I really need to cut out distractions or am flying.


Senja is a super easy to use testimonial tool that helps you collect, manage, and share testimonials from your customers (and who doesn't like reading the nice things people say about them?). Over 12,000 creators, founders, freelancers, marketing teams, and my use Senja to easily collect social proof (sort of like collecting amazon reviews for your own products and services). What I like is how simple Senja is to use as both the creator and the customer. Whether it's sharing a quick text testimonial, recording a short video testimonial, or importing testimonials from X (Twitter) or elsewhere, it's just easy. And the best can automate the whole process.

Countdown Hero

Looking for a way to increase sales on your landing pages by adding real urgency to your purchase process (not fake urgency like so many terrible marketers). Countdown Hero allows you to add countdown timers to your sales pages and email campaigns. I use it with all my agency clients, because it is much easier to use than Deadline Funnels, works just as well, and offers a lifetime deal when you use my link. I recommend that you buy both the initial offer and the first add-on so that you have unlimited timers and leads. Most people will not need or use the second add-on, so don't get that unless you run an agency.


If you're looking for a way to easily collect leads on your site using great-looking forms that are automated but not annoying to your audience, I recommend ConvertBox. As far as form builders go, ConvertBox can easily replace a Leadpages or Optin Monster subscription and quite frankly is really easy to use. It's designed by the same team as ThriveCart and also has a LIFETIME offer going on right now. I grabbed a copy and can't wait to start sharing all the different ways it makes business easier.

Thrive Themes

Having a WordPress website is great, but it can also become a struggle to keep up with plugins, updates, site speed, and everything else that could go wrong. Let's just say I've been around the block when it comes to WordPress page and theme builders. Nothing comes close to Thrive Themes in ease of use and number of tools that are included. You can easily turn your website into a full-blown online business. The inexpensive annual price includes: a drag-and-drop theme and page builder, opt-in forms, testimonial tracker, quiz builder, course manager, and more. Click below to learn more and get started.


Todoist another incredible app for getting things done. It’s one of the best task management tools for personal productivity. It syncs almost instantly, understands human language input, is highly customizable, and  no other task management app integrates with as many tools as well as Todoist. Right now you can get 2 months of Todoist Pro free by clicking the button below.


For over a decade Nozbe has been my go to app for getting things done. It’s one of the best GTD stye task management tools available and in my opinion it's the best for working with a small or growing team. I've quit using it several times to find something better, but I always come back. I actually liked Nozbe so much I learned everything about it and became a Nozbe Certified Expert to teach others just how awesome it is. If you're new to Nozbe to get started for free and get $15 toward upgrading when you're ready.


How can you save yourself hours of back-and-forth trying to find a time that works for you to meet someone? That's where TidyCal comes in. Need to book a meeting? Send them a link to book a time on your calendar (which you've already approved). Other tools come with a monthly subscription, but TidyCal cost $29 for a LIFETIME license. I've been using TidyCal for years and it's just as good as the others tools on the market...It's actually better because of the one time cost and because it's so stinkin' easy to use. For $29, if you try it and hate it, you're not out that much.


Fathom is my virtual meeting AI note taker and it helps me stay organized, have a library of action items, and serve my clients at a higher level. It automatically joins my calls, records them, generates a transcript, and sends me a summary with all the follow up action items. I use Fathom nearly every day to help streamline my business and help my clients streamline theirs. Fathom has been one of the most useful tools I've added to my business because it makes my job easier every single day. I've been more than happy to pay for the upgraded features. just was awarded with the G2 Award for #1 Highest Satisfaction Product of 2024.

You Need A Budget

YNAB is the #1 budgeting tool I recommend for both personal and business budgeting. It's intuitive, helps me plan for all future expenses, helped me focus to pay off a ton of personal debt, and is inexpensive. Using the Profit First system, YNAB keeps my business saving and spending on track. Check out their 34-day free trial.


Zapier makes my job 10X easier. It connects all my favorite apps so I can automate tasks in the background. Trigger an action in one app and the results show up in another without me lifting a finger. The robots handle the mundane work so I can focus on what’s most important.


I used to struggle to get all my ebook highlights into Evernote. That is until I found Readwise. It took 10 minutes to set up, and now all my highlights from Kindle, Pocket, and even Twitter are just synced to Evernote without lifting a finger. Any time I add a highlight, it's appended to the same note, so I don't miss anything. I've saved countless hours on research by having everything in one place. I also love the daily review feature which helps me remember everything I've captured. Click below to see if Readwise is right for you and get a free month on me.


Dropbox makes sharing documents, pdfs, and media files a breeze. By keeping files in sync across devices and storing local copies, you can work wherever you are even if you're offline. And best of all, Dropbox files can easily be added to Nozbe to keep all your files with your tasks.


If you're a small team and worried about the overhead of an HR department or managing payroll taxes Gusto can help you avoid the headache by taking care of the details for you. I've used Gusto as both an employee and as a contractor and it simply works. The fact that Gusto handles payroll, onboarding, benefits, and more leaves you the time to focus on growing your business or building your next product instead of wondering if you forgot some important piece of paperwork you've never heard of. Click below to learn more and see if Gusto is right for your business.

Training & Community

Sold Out Coach Club

My friend and business coach, John Meese, is THE EXPERT when it comes to starting or scaling a SOLD OUT premium program. He was previously the dean of Platform University and now teaches coaches how to build their own SOLD OUT premium coaching program. Inside the club, you have access to John's live Q&A office hours, swipe files and templates, and on-demand community forum. Check it out and join me in SOLD OUT Coach Club


Whether you're just starting out or you're ready to implement the systems to take your creator business to the next level, you have to check out Jay Clouse's CreatorHQ. This isn't just another Notion Template. It's a full-blown operating system for your business. Plan your goals, projects, tasks, capture ideas, create your content calendar for different platforms, and more. Don't try to create the perfect system, when you can just use something that's already been proven to save you time and drive more revenue. Check out CreatorHQ.

The Hive

My friend and client Laura Zug runs one of the best communities for...running communities. I know that's sort of meta, but the truth is Laura is one of the BEST community managers on the internet and she has a heart for helping business owners start or grow their own communities. I'm a member of The Hive, and it's one of my favorite groups for connecting with other online business owners who still focus on bringing humanity to online business. Learn more about The Hive here, but come back and use this link to join and save $20 per month on your membership.

Find Affiliates Now

If you're looking for a way to grow your business but you're not ready to bring on someone to run your affiliate program, I recommend Find Affiliates Now by my friend Matt McWilliams. In this five day course that I helped design, he takes you through the exact process his team uses to find the right affiliates, how to reach out to those potential affiliates, how to get them to say "yes" to your program, how to set up your affiliate program, and how to get them to go all-in with promoting you. The lessons are short but actionable to help you get started right away.

Rethink Dieting

Mindset is everything in business, and your weight could be subconsciously holding you back. In this training, my friend Alan Thomas shares the simple five step strategy he used to lose 129 pounds and how he helps his clients reach their goals (even if they've struggled with weight their entire life). I recently lost over 30 pounds and am in the best shape of my life, including my time in the Army, because I followed the lessons Alan teaches. Click below to watch the free, no pitch, replay.



If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of books that you want to read, but just can’t find the time. This is one of my favorite tools to catch up on reading. It gives quick summaries for hundreds of the top business, personal development, and productivity books and the list grows weekly. It gets straight to the main points, so I can start taking action. I love that I can get summaries in either text, audio, or even some in video and get the main ideas in around 12 minutes. Plus it has many of the books I recommend on this page.


If you've ever wondered what motivates people to take action, whether in business, social groups, or even your own kids, this book is a must read. Dr. Cialdini has written the textbook for how to ethically persuade. In this revised edition he shares a seventh universal principle that will change how you interact with others and drive for success.


If you ever feel like you're being used by the people around you, you might have a boundaries problem. This book does an amazing job at teaching you how to set firm boundaries in a loving way.

Atomic Habits

This book by habits expert James Clear teaches you exactly how to eliminate bad habits and easily build the habits that will help you be a better husband and father.


This is the #1 book to help you define what's most important and completely reshape how you think about work & life.  Greg McKeown takes you step-by-step through a process of identifying what's most important and creating a plan to focus on what matters most.

Free To Focus

After attending Michael Hyatt's live Free to Focus event, I was thrilled when he released the book. This book packs so much information into a quick and easy read. It will help you plan your days and more importantly rethink how you can get the most out of the time you have.

Eat That Frog

I know that sounds gross, but it works...If procrastination is something that keeps holding you back, Brian Tracy's book is for you. He shares 21 strategies you can use to defeat procrastination now.


As important as hard work is, it's almost more important to rest. Most of us struggle to actually rest. I'm not talking about lounging in front of the TV, but instead using active rest to help you improve in all areas of your life.

Physical Tools

Full Focus Planner

I've been using Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner since it was released at the end of 2017. It captures the core of Michael's productivity systems and actually helps you focus on the right tasks to make major progress on your goals. Sections for goal setting, routines, daily schedules, and even long-term planning keep me using this planner every quarter. Try it for 3 months to see how much it helps you achieve your goals.

Kindle Fire

As much as I love my iPad, it's too big to comfortably read a book on. As much as I love having physical books, I can't take my library with me when I travel. My Kindle Fire is my go to device for reading. That's its only purpose for me. And my favorite feature, I can have it read the book to me (without having to buy the audio version). Yes it sounds like a robot, but I don't mind.

FriXion Pens (Erasable)

Remember those erasable pens we had as kids that were absolutely miserable? These are not those erasable pens...These ones actually work. I use them with my Rocketbook.

Timbuk 2 Messenger Bag

This bag is deceptively sized. I’m 6’4” and have looked everywhere for a small bag that still fits my tall frame and still holds all my stuff. Though it looks small from the outside, it easily holds my 16” MacBook Pro, several books, a water bottle, all my charging cords, and other personal items because of how well planned the inner pockets are. The fabric is incredible too and the zippers are strong. Definitely buy this bag. You won’t be disappointed.


It's a physical notebook that lives in the digital world. I love being able to take real notes, but sometimes it's hard to upload them to my digital systems. Rocketbook is a reusable notebook that you pair with their app to scan and one-touch send your notes to all your different digital systems at once. Don't forget to get the FriXion Pens so you can erase and reuse your pages.

Hydroflask - 40 oz

This is the best water bottle out there. It keeps your water cold or your tea hot all day long, and that's no lie! It's one of the biggest water bottles that is still easy to take along wherever you go. Plus, it helps me drink enough water each day. Oh, and one more thing, it's completely stainless steel, so it doesn't soak up any flavors (which means your water will always taste like water if you wash it regularly).