Ultimate Productivity Bundle

This is truly the ULTIMATE bundle to help you get productive. With 16 e-courses, 10 different planners, 3 workbooks, and some killer bonuses, this bundle is worth over $1,200. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when you can get it all for just $37.

Full Focus Planner

I’ve been using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner since it was released at the end of 2017. It captures the core of Michael’s productivity systems and actually helps you focus on the right tasks to make major progress on your goals. Sections for goal setting, routines, daily schedules, and even long-term planning keep me using this planner every quarter. Try it for 3 months to see how much it helps you achieve your goals.


As an Asana Certified Pro, I can confidently say that Asana is the best tool available for team project management. I have a number of clients who swear by Asana because it’s easy to use and makes collaboration and delegation incredibly easy. The free version is incredible and works for most teams, and the paid version is awesome if you need additional features like timelines and custom fields.

Better Men Project

We can all be better husbands and dads. That’s why I created the Better Men Project. It’s a proven accountability system showing you how to spend five minutes per day to completely transform your life and your relationships with those you love


For almost a decade Nozbe was my go to app for getting things done. It’s one of the best GTD stye task management tools. I’ve quit using it several times to find something better, but I always come back. I actually liked Nozbe so much I learned everything about it and became a Nozbe Ambassador to teach others just how awesome it is.


I’ve been using Brain.fm to help me get instant focus since 2015, and the app just keeps getting better. Brain.fm provides music that’s scientifically tested to get you focused quickly. Start a track and you’ll immediately improve your focus or your relaxation. One of my favorite features that beats similar apps is offline mode for those times I really need to cut out distractions or am flying.


Apple’s native podcast app is clunky. That’s where Overcast come in. It makes listening to podcasts simple and easy in a way that’s much more stable and reliable. One of the best features of Overcast is in effect called smart to speed. It removes dead time from each track shortening the time you have to spend listening to silence. Smart speed has saved me over 147 hours beyond just listening 2X speed.


If you’re anything like me, you probably have a stack of books that you want to read, but just can’t find the time. This is one of my favorite tools to catch up on reading. It gives quick summaries for hundreds of the top business, personal development, and productivity books and the list grows weekly. It gets straight to the main points, so I can start taking action. I love that I can get summaries in either text, audio, or even some in video and get the main ideas in around 12 minutes. Plus it has many of the books I recommend on this page.

Kindle Fire

As much as I love my iPad, it’s too big to comfortably read a book on. As much as I love having physical books, I can’t take my library with me when I travel. My Kindle Fire is my go to device for reading. That’s its only purpose for me. And my favorite feature, I can have it read the book to me (without having to buy the audio version). Yes it sounds like a robot, but I don’t mind.

Hydroflask – 40 oz

This is the best water bottle out there. It keeps your water cold or your tea hot all day long, and that’s no lie! It’s one of the biggest water bottles that is still easy to take along wherever you go. Plus, it helps me drink enough water each day. Oh, and one more thing, it’s completely stainless steel, so it doesn’t soak up any flavors (which means your water will always taste like water if you wash it regularly).


This is the #1 book to help you define what’s most important and completely reshape how you think about work & life.

Atomic Habits

This book by habits expert James Clear teaches you exactly how to eliminate bad habits and easily build the habits that will help you be a better husband and father.