Notable Press

I’ve worked with dozens of different WordPress themes and site designers, and the best-looking & simplest one I recommend is NotablePress. I actually work directly with the NotablePress team as the customer service rep, so I have a front-row seat as the theme improves and addresses changes in online business. As a NotablePro subscriber, I get every new Add-On they create to make my site even better.

You Need A Budget

YNAB is the #1 budgeting tool I recommend for both personal and business budgeting. It’s intuitive, helps me plan for all future expenses, helped me focus to pay off a ton of personal debt, and is inexpensive. Using the Profit First system, YNAB keeps my business saving and spending on track. Check out their 34-day free trial.


When it comes to email service providers the only one I’ve recommended since 2015 is ConvertKit. As Subscriber #1,472, you could say I’ve been using ConvertKit for a while, and I just keep finding new possibilities. The team behind ConvertKit is incredible, support is quick, and I never have to worry about my emails getting to my audience’s inbox. Advanced features are so easy to use, I’ve taught people twice my age how to quickly build advanced automations, segment their list, and create a great overall customer experience. Click below to learn more and get a free account for up to 1,000 subscribers.


If you’re looking for a way to easily collect leads on your site using great-looking forms that are automated but not annoying to your audience, I recommend ConvertBox. As far as form builders go, ConvertBox can easily replace a Leadpages or Optin Monster subscription and quite frankly is really easy to use. It’s designed by the same team as ThriveCart and also has a LIFETIME offer going on right now. I grabbed a copy and can’t wait to start sharing all the different ways it makes business easier.


Thrivecart is the #1 sales-page/funnel builder and shopping cart that I personally recommend and trust. Other companies are marketers who sell software, but Thrivecart is a software company first. Its amazing page builder, impressive integrations, affiliate management system, and security features make it stand out. They’re currently offering a LIFETIME subscription (including all future updates). This one-time purchase paid for itself within a month and I never have to purchase anything again. Click below to learn more.


If you’ve ever wondered what motivates people to take action, whether in business, social groups, or even your own kids, this book is a must read. Dr. Cialdini has written the textbook for how to ethically persuade. In this revised edition he shares a seventh universal principle that will change how you interact with others and drive for success.

Full Focus Planner

I’ve been using Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner since it was released at the end of 2017. It captures the core of Michael’s productivity systems and actually helps you focus on the right tasks to make major progress on your goals. Sections for goal setting, routines, daily schedules, and even long-term planning keep me using this planner every quarter. Try it for 3 months to see how much it helps you achieve your goals.


As an Asana Certified Pro, I can confidently say that Asana is the best tool available for team project management. I have a number of clients who swear by Asana because it’s easy to use and makes collaboration and delegation incredibly easy. The free version is incredible and works for most teams, and the paid version is awesome if you need additional features like timelines and custom fields.


Apple’s native podcast app is clunky. That’s where Overcast comes in. It makes listening to podcasts simple and easy in a way that’s stable and reliable. One of the best features of Overcast isan effect called smart speed that removes dead time from each track shortening the time you spend listening to silence. Smart speed has saved me over 147 hours beyond just listening 2X speed.

I’ve been using to help me get instant focus since 2015, and the app just keeps getting better. provides music that’s scientifically tested to get you focused quickly. Start a track and you’ll immediately improve your focus or your relaxation. One of my favorite features that beats similar apps is offline mode for those times I really need to cut out distractions or am flying.


If you ever feel like you’re being used by the people around you, you might have a boundaries problem. This book does an amazing job at teaching you how to set firm boundaries in a loving way.

Free to Focus

After attending Michael Hyatt’s live Free to Focus event, I was thrilled when he released the book. This book packs so much information into a quick and easy read. It will help you plan your days and more importantly rethink how you can get the most out of the time you have.