Robby Miles

  • Experience Helping Beginner to 7 Figure Online Business Owners Scale & Streamline Their Processes, Save Time, And Develop New Revenue Streams
  • EOS Integrator Masterclass Graduate, ConvertKit Ambassador, Nozbe Certified Expert, Asana Ambassador
  • Over A Decade Teaching And Coaching In Person & Online
  • Former Army Logistics Officer Obsessed With Systems & Workflows, Mission Driven & Outcome Focused


Part-time Director of Operations

You know what it's like being so focused on what's urgent in your business that it's hard to step back and look at the big picture, jump on new opportunities, or let the business work without you. It can be difficult to get all the different parts of your business going in the same direction. As your Fractional COO, I'll work with you to execute your mission with your team by:

  • strategic planning & setting priorities (weekly high level planning, quarterly assessment & long range planning)
  • establishing project management best practices and set a meeting and reporting rhythm,
  • documenting & systematize processes to delegate tasks outside your zone of genius,
  • tracking progress with daily check-ins to align with goals
  • increasing team productivity through measuring deliverables,
  • coaching your leadership team on time management, operation efficiency, and technology "hacks,"
  • help you identify, recruit, higher, and onboard a full-time second in command

Pricing: $3,000+

Curious if it's right for you?

Speaker, Author of Rise Above Chaos, & West Point Graduate

My company is growing 141% on average year over year the past five years. The growth is good, but as the founder I was loosing control of the vision and day-to-day operations. We were struggling with prioritizing issues and tasks. Robby was able to align our activities with the EOS system and helped us prioritize our efforts so we didn't waste time or energy moving forward. Robby was also great for helping us organize our quarterly and annual meetings so we could stay focused on the company goals. I highly recommend Robby's services to any organization or entrepreneur that's serious about scaling their company or managing their growth.

Erick Rheam

The Affiliate Guy

If you’re running a business that’s between $200,000 and $2 million a year, Robby has got to help you get your systems in place. What he did for us is unbelievable. And as a result, he’s completely rewired my brain. His systems are unreal.

Matt McWilliams

Marketing & Strategy

ConvertKit 360 Audit

This is the kind of audit you'll actually like...

I'll take a deep-dive into your ConvertKit to audit your current configuration. This includes an in depth review your overall strategy, structure, segmentation, automations and more. Within 7 days of getting access to your account, I'll deliver a detailed assessment, recommend opportunities for improvement, and share the best strategies for your business.

Pricing: $500

Social Media Manager at ConvertKit

Even though I work at ConvertKit, I saw a ton of value in hiring Robby to give me a ConvertKit Audit. You know he's good when the folks at ConvertKit are hiring him to help improve their ConvertKit workflows!

Thom Gibson

Audience Segmentation & Automation Strategy

Let's create and execute an email marketing strategy to reach your business goals including: audience segmentation, automation, and overall customer experience. I'll work with you to build out up to three ConvertKit Visual Automations for lead  nurturing, direct sales, and product delivery/follow up.

Pricing: $1,000+

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Author of Survive & Thrive

When I was piecing together my online business for the first time, Robby was a God-send. I was overwhelmed with the number of tools I had to work with, but Robby quickly and confidently stepped in to make sense of it all, and automate a lot of the technical work I’d been doing myself up until then.

John Meese

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Whether it’s help with team management, leadership, personal productivity, or delegation within your organization, I’ll help you create and execute on a plan to succeed. Get the fastest results 1:1. 

Pricing: $100/Hour

Wellness, Life, & Business Coach

Robby helped me break down big projects into manageable steps and create a manageable timeline. He provides so much value as he allowed me to brainstorm and verbally process through my ideas. His experience and points of view are different from mine, and his coaching style is a great fit for my sensitive temperament- accountability and deadlines with honest and gentle feedback and advice.

Nicole Ronningen

On-Demand Coaching

Looking for someone to listen to your ideas, help you refine them, review strategy, or hold you accountable? Need someone to review your processes, double-check the logic of your automations, or help streamline your operations?

Get an ongoing 1:1 conversation where you can share video, audio, images, or text to get personalized coaching on a schedule that works for you.

Pricing: $150/month

Technology & Tools

Project Management & Organization

It's not about the tools you use, it's about the processes you use. 

I’ll help your team: set up your project management software, outline your processes & workflows, and discover the value of task based communication

Spend more time getting things done and less time managing your work.

Pricing: $500+

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Business Coach & Author of Find Your 20

If you're struggling to make your tech and systems work together in your business and need someone who understands how to just "make it work," I highly recommend my friend Robby Miles! He's my go-to guy for any tech/systems issues I have in my business.

Mark Sieverkropp

Making Tools Play Nice Together

So many tools often don’t play nice together OR you have to pay someone to hard code a solution. We’ll work together to streamline the tools you use, automate workflows, and integrate the different tools you already use to save you money and time.

Pricing: $500+

Curious if it's right for you?

Founder of The Speaker Lab

He really knows the online tools and how to make them work well together. And thankfully, if he didn’t know a tool, he could figure it out. If you’re looking for someone who can take software tinkering and systems troubleshooting off your plate so you can focus on the big picture of your business, Robby’s your guy.

Grant Baldwin