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“Army instructions so simple that brand new Soldiers, aka Privates, can complete the task without screwing anything up.”

When it comes to streamlining your business operations, you often hear about documenting your processes. We’ll dig into that more in future editions.

One of the most important things about documenting your processes is making them Private-Proof.

Sooner or later you will delegate projects and tasks to your team.

And their ability to complete tasks according to your standards comes down to how well you have created your documentation and how well you have trained them.

Here’s your challenge: Document one of your core business processes using the following steps:

1. Complete the task as you normally would, being aware of major steps.

2. Write the major steps down as you go (keep this in a document, notepad, or as a checklist in your task manager).

3. The next time you complete the task, record yourself. This allows you to riff and go into the details as you talk through it.

4. Delegate the task to be completed by someone on your team. Ask them to note anywhere they have questions about the process.

5. Answer their questions and document your responses.

6. The next time something in the process changes, ask your team member to update the documentation and re-record the video with the updates.

Follow these steps for each of your major processes and you will Private-Proof your business.


How to I get routine stuff off my desk and delegated to my staff?

This question comes up quite often when I talk to business leaders. They seem to be the bottleneck in their business and know they need to get out of the way in order for it to grow.

Here’s the simple answer:

– Pick one routine task to delegate,

– Determine your level of delegation (see below),

– Delegate.

Michael Hyatt has shared his levels of delegation and they work.

– Level 1: Do as I say

– Level 2: Research and report

– Level 3: Research and recommend

– Level 4: Decide and inform

– Level 5: Act independently

By simply delegating and seeing success, you’ll begin to identify more tasks to get off your plate and to the person on your team who can actually complete them better than you.


The tool I use for creating templates, delegation, and team communication is Nozbe. It’s a task manager designed for small businesses who work remotely. It’s simple to use, has all the features you need (none you don’t), and grows as your team grows.

My favorite features include the Incoming and Activity views that make sure I never miss a task or comment. And Nozbe is the number one app for creating documentation templates to improve your processes and delegation.

Click Here To Learn More About Nozbe

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