Planning & process ideas for the new year

Happy New Year, and welcome to this edition of Creator Ops Insider!

No fluff. Just straight shooting. Get ready to take action.


Did you complete your after action review of 2023?

If not, click here to for a stupid simple review method. Even taking 5 minutes to review last year’s wins and lessons will give you the insights you need to do better this year.

As I was completing my review for both my business and the businesses I work with, several ideas and questions began to emerge that will help you streamline your operations and personal productivity.

I hope you find these helpful as you continue to plan and execute on your goals in 2024:

1) How far in advance are you able to think?

The farther in advance you can see and plan, the easier it is for you to adjust to changing circumstances.

Reverse engineer the outcome you want, put the plan in place, and adjust as necessary.

Identify your goal, create short-term benchmarks, and start taking action.

Take 15 minutes today to draft a rough sketch of what this year will look like. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just enough to give you the direction you need to move forward.

2) People are only as good as the process allows them to be.

Where is there friction in your process? Where are you getting stuck? Where is the bottleneck?

Fix whatever is in your way, whether it’s for you or your team.

We had a saying in the Army,

Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

Follow and trust the process, but improve it when you need to.

3) Eliminate known non-essential steps.

It’s likely that the friction you identified above comes from complexity.

The next time you encounter friction in your process, ask yourself,

What would this look like if it were easy?

Slow down, identify the simplest path forward, and take action.

If that’s too difficult, ask yourself, “What is the hardest way to achieve this outcome?” Then do the opposite of that.

We tend to overcomplicate things.

Keep things as simple as possible.


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Here’s to crushing it in the new year!

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