Save Time When Booking Calls By Using TidyCal

How often do you end up bouncing emails or texts back and forth with someone trying to schedule a time to meet.

Add in a third person who needs to attend, or an assistant who is trying to schedule everything, or double bookings and you end up wasting countless man hours on something that can easily be one of the first things you automate in your business.

The solution: Use as calendar scheduling tool to book all your meetings.

This is a simple tool that connects to your digital calendar(s), allows you to set available times, and lets your guests book a time that works best for their calendar (without all the back and forth).

Reader question…What tool do you recommend?

My favorite scheduling tool is TidyCal.

There are a number of other tools such as Schedule Once, Calendly, and Doodle, but they require a monthly subscription.

TidyCal, on the other hand, cost only $29 for a LIFETIME license and has nearly identical features including:

  • The ability to create multiple booking types (I use this for different length meetings – 15, 30, & 45 minutes),
  • Set default availability or set specific dates and times,
  • Calendar integrations with Google, Microsoft 365, and Apple’s iCal (I use this with three different personal and work calendars,
  • Video integration with Zoom and Google Meet,
  • Follow up reminder emails for your guests (and you…),
  • Embed you events on your own site,
  • Paid bookings for coaches and consultants,
  • and more.

I’ve been using TidyCal for years and it’s just as good as the others tools on the market…and the team behind it just keeps improving the feature set.

If you want to see what the booking pages look like and how they work, click here (and if you want to chat, feel free to book a time 😁)


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