The #1 Productivity System

What do Michael Hyatt, Mary Kay, Andy Frisella, and many other successful people have in common?

It’s their stupid simple productivity system.

For Michael Hyatt, it’s his “Big 3.”

For Mary Kay, it was her “6 Most Important Things List.”

For Andy Frisella, it’s his “Power List.”

No matter how it’s described, the system involves a simple list of a few tasks that will actually move the needle on your most important projects.

These tasks must relate to a specific outcome and move your project towards completion.

There are three keys to winning with this productivity system:

  1. Plan ahead by writing down your tasks at the end of the previous day.
  2. Complete all of these tasks first thing; don’t do anything else until these tasks are checked off.
  3. Start at the top, check things off, move from one item to the next.