SITUATION (Part 2): 5 Soldier Tested Strategies for Success

In SITUATION Part 1 I discussed how defining principles and priorities provides a foundation for understanding your situation. Now let’s define the rest of SITUATION in order to more fully to develop more options to reach your goals.  Understanding your situation will help you more clearly define your BIG goals and the factors that stand in your way.  They help you define who/what are you up against and who will support you during times of need.

Situation Enemy v Friend

When defining situation, consider the elements listed below:

1. Enemy (Who/What Will Offer Resistance?)

  • What challenges will you face?
    • Fear/Uncertainty
    • Overconfidence
  • Who will stand in your way?
    • What is the likelihood of opposition?
    • What is the worst thing they can do to disrupt or limit your plans?
  • Physical Limitations
    • Space requirements
    • Where can you work?
    • Transportation

2. Friendly (Who/What Will Offer Support?)

  • Who can you count on in your times of need?
    • Family (spouse, parents, best friends)
    • Mentors
    • Coworkers/Peers
  • What is your spouse’s/partner’s disposition to your goals?
    • Does he/she share your goals?
    • In what way can he/she help?
  • How will you communicate with your team?
    • Regular meetings
    • Convenience

These questions form guidelines and boundaries for all future actions. They help define the problems you may encounter and describe what options are available. Do you consciously weigh all available options? Do you go with your gut instinct? Do you simply react to the world around you?

You will be able to have more control over how you react to the world and plan your goals when SITUATION is clearly defined.

[reminder]What other factors influence your SITUATION?[/reminder]

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