SUSTAINMENT: Logistics for Life

The mission is stated. The plan is laid out. The team understands and can describe the path to success. But…unless your logistics are well planned, all the planning could be for nothing. Just remember that time you forgot the diaper bag and the kid exploded on cue.

We all get busy. Being busy is worn as a badge of honor these days. This busy lifestyle leaves room for logistical error. Have you ever been so busy you forgot to eat? Have a ride ready when your plane lands? Had to rush someone to the nearest emergency room without any idea where to go?

Photo Courtesy of Georgia Army National Guard
Photo Courtesy of Georgia Army National Guard CC BY

All military leaders plan for SUSTAINMENT. This includes planning for maintenance, transportation, and health support. We plan for three times: before, during, and after the mission. Below are several examples of how SUSTAINMENT can be used to help you achieve your mission.


No Soldier can operate without working equipment. I plan for weapons cleaning, water resupply on long road marches, and uniform inspections. If any of my Soldiers have improper or unusable equipment, the entire mission could be compromised.

For you, proper maintenance planning can include getting your oil changed before a road-trip or ensuring you zip your pants before leaving the house. It could be packing the diaper bag ahead of time instead of forgetting during the mad rush out the door. Planning now saves heartache later.[shareable cite=”Robby Miles”]Planning now saves heartache later.[/shareable]


I’ve had to move troops over vast areas and organize rally points (where we will meet up) and extraction points (how to get troops out).

Be able to explain HOW and WHEN you will be moving the physical elements of your mission. Think about how many trips your tiny car will have to make to hardware store in order to construct that new room. Maybe you’ll have to rent or borrow a truck. Think about coordinating with the wife so the kids aren’t left at school for a long time…

Health Support:

If you manage any kind of business or project where there is the potential for physical harm, you’ve got to have a medical evacuation plan. I not only have Soldiers trained to deal with medical issues, but also have all evacuation routes planned ahead of time. As a teacher, I have emergency plans in place to help students with diabetic, epileptic, or allergic complications. Emergency and evacuation plans save lives.

Emergencies happen. Especially to children. Have a plan. Enough said.

No matter how you look at it SUSTAINMENT is an integral part of every mission. Without logistics and planning, mission success is questionable. If you missed the first parts of this series 5 Soldier Tested Strategies for Success, you can find them HERE.

[reminder]What SUSTAINMENT element have you found most important? Why?[/reminder]

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