Why Memorial Day Matters

I’m a Soldier and always feel guilty when people thank me for my service. I get especially embarrassed when people thank me on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.

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I’ve served for four years and never deployed past Oklahoma. More importantly, these are days set aside for those who have served our country in the past or died in service to our country. How can I even be compared these Servicemen and women who gave everything?

This weekend, my church set up a table for the POW/MIA (Prisoners of War/Missing in Action). The priest went on to describe the significance of each element of the display. A white table-cloth for the purity in which Servicemen sacrificed for their country. An empty chair because a Soldier never came home. While I listened to his descriptions, I nearly broke down in the middle of the church.

I felt pain for the families  who lost their loved ones. I felt sorrow for the kids who have to grow up without a parent. I feel heartbroken for parents who lost their child.

I don’t directly know anyone who has died in our country’s wars. But, I know the impact of war on military units. I also know Soldiers. And I know they will sacrifice themselves without a second thought. As Servicemen and women, we hope to someday fill the boots of those who came before us and gave everything. [shareable]Do a favor for all those who have given their life in service. Say a prayer.[/shareable]

Today, do a favor for all those who have given their life in service. Visit a local cemetery and pay your respects. Or at the very least, say a prayer for those who have departed this life in the service of others.

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