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Your budget matters.

It will make of break your business.

Don’t manage it well and it can undo everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Look ahead, plan, and take daily action to keep your business profitable.

Many successful businesses use a budgeting model called Profit First, developed by Mike Michalowicz.

Similar to personal budget advice that you should pay yourself first through savings and investment, his entire thesis is that you created a business to make money and the only way to do that is to “take your profit first.”

What does this look like practically?

Each month, you set aside a specific percentage of your revenue for:

  • Profit
  • Salary
  • Taxes
  • Operating Expenses

Even if you just start with 1% profit, you’ll change your business mindset around money.

Run the numbers.

If you find that you’re struggling with how to make a profit instead of just paying the bills, maybe Profit First is for you.


What do you recommend as far as tools go for setting up a simple website? I’m not a techie type person.

I’ll try to keep this as short as possible.

Site: Self-hosted WordPress site using Thrive Suite. It is a great drag and drop editor to design pages that actually look great. They also have built-in quizzes, testimonials, Thrive Apprentice (course management), and countdown timers. And the price is very affordable

Hosting: I use and recommend WP Engine for hosting because it’s reliable and the support is amazing. And if you use the link above, you can up to get 4 months free.

Lead Capture: I highly recommend using the built in tools inside ConvertKit. Their WordPress plugin makes it super easy to add email sign up forms to your site. Here’s my full review of different opt-in forms. You can even publish your email newsletters straight to your blog automatically.

With just these three things you can have a solid website and email list to grow your business.


You Need A Budget is the #1 budgeting tool I recommend for both personal and business budgeting.

It’s intuitive, helps me plan for all future expenses, helped me focus to pay off a ton of personal debt, and is inexpensive.

Using the Profit First system, YNAB keeps my business saving and spending on track. Check out their 34-day free trial.

Learn More About YNAB

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