Your Ops Manager’s Job – Call The Plays & Pass The Ball

What’s the job of your COO, Director of Operations, Ops Manager, or Online Business Manager?


Call the plays and pass the ball.

In his book Second in Command, Cameron Herold, describes the role as one where they focus on:

  1. Growing and aligning people,
  2. Systematizing and automating processes,
  3. Maintaining balance between short-term speed and long-term efficiency.

Their job is to execute the CEO’s vision by making decisions, allocating resources, and delegating action to the most capable team member.

When your team is small, they may be a jack-of-all trades and the most capable team member is themselves.

But as your team grows, it’s the job of the CEO to empower your second in command to delegate freely to achieve an outcome.

In the military we wanted to delegate to the lowest level, the person who is closest to the situation with the most knowledge.

The simple act of delegation allows the CEO to focus more on strategic goals while the second in command focuses on the tactics to achieve a desired outcome.

Question: What can you do to empower your second in command to focus on the three objectives above?

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