2016 Year in Review

So, here it is. My 2016 year in review aka my After Action Review.

Below is a quick summary of my goals, sustains, and improves for 2016 as well as a few plans for 2017.

Big Picture

In 2016 I tried something new. Instead of just charging ahead with smaller goals as they came up, I went through Michael Hyatt‘s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever and wrote more clearly defined goals. This year was the result of those plans and it was my best year yet.

Blog Goals

There were three big goals I wanted to accomplish with the site this year.

  1. Post more consistently and on a regular schedule
  2. Become a Nozbe Ambassador
  3. Be more real with my writing to be less of a “Professor” or “Sage”


  1. I shared 35 posts this year almost doubling the amount of content on this site.
  2. This year I worked with the Nozbe team to become a Nozbe Ambassador and help more people streamline their own productivity systems.
  3. I’m getting more real every day and will keep working on this next year.


  1. I wrote more consistently than ever before by creating a step-by-step process to manage ideas, drafting, and posting. I’ll have a post showing off my workflow soon.
  2. Stretching my comfort zone and reaching out to the Nozbe team halfway across Earth was a major win. I developed a plan of action, submitted articles for the Productive! Magazine, and am now featured on Nozbe’s site right next to Michael Hyatt.
  3. This year I wrote posts teaching people how to take real actions that can help productivity instead of just a giving them a bunch of productivity theory. Action beats theory every time.

[shareable]Action beats theory every time.[/shareable]


  1. Although I almost doubled the amount of content on this site, I still need to be more consistent when it comes to posting and planning ahead. There were too many times this year that I was struggling at the last minute to get something out or even just completely missed a week.
  2. I drove hard to be a Nozbe Ambassador but didn’t have a plan for what to do afterward. I guess I keep learning that it’s important to “have a plan for after the plan.”
  3. Yes, I still come off too much like a professor in a lot of my writing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a teacher by trade or just that I have a difficult time opening up. I’ll be working on this again in 2017


  1. In 2017, I’m starting with a goal to publish one post per week. My workflow is set to have posts ready and scheduled in advance. If I get sick or want to take a day off with my family, the posts will already be there ready to go (that’s the plan anyway).
  2. I’m developing a Nozbe and productivity coaching program to help people in a one-on-one setting. My goal in 2017 is to personally work with no less than 12 readers to help them create personalized systems that work. Learn more and schedule your clarity call here if you want to be one of those 12.
  3. I’ve discovered that the best way to “be more real” is to talk to real people. That’s part of the reason for the coaching program. But, I’m also taking more to Twitter and Instagram to share some of the behind the scenes of my life. Opening up about what’s happening in real time will hopefully break down the barrier between me and you.

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