3 Reasons Doing Things the Right Way is Hurting You & Your Family

Have you ever been so into getting something done the right way that you instead get frustrated because it’s just not working out? You want to do great work, but if you can’t do it right it’s almost better to not do it at all. What if doing things the right way meant something totally different.

What if I told you that the whole right way mindset usually does more harm than good and it’s actually hurting you and your family.

3 Reasons Doing Things the Right Way is Hurting You & Your Family

Just yesterday I walked into my son’s playroom where he was building a lego masterpiece. He had all sorts of motors whizzing and pieces snapping together. His goal: make a life-sized motorized fan. But, there was one problem. Some of the pieces wouldn’t work the right way.

I asked him to come take a break with me and get back to his project in a little while. It turned out this little break was all he needed to gain perspective on his lego problem.

A little perspective about doing things the right way can really help us be happier and more productive. Here are three truths that will give you the perspective you need to move forward.

You’ll Never be Perfect

So many of us want to do everything just right. We think there is a right way and a wrong way. Maybe it was too many years in school, or perhaps our parents thought differently than us. Maybe we simply like to be the best of the best.

Guess what? You’re not God. Humans are inherently imperfect. Sages and wise men have been trying to deal with this since the dawn of civilization. The sooner you realize that you’ll never be perfect, the sooner you’ll be comfortable with who you are right now.

Real perspective comes from brutal honesty. Identify your imperfections and look at them as opportunities to grow.

[shareable]Everything is a work in progress, including you. Your mission isn’t accomplished yet, which means you still have work to do.[/shareable]

Nobody Else is Perfect

It turns out that everyone around you is human too. Guess what? They’re not perfect either.

When we expect perfection from others (especially our spouse and kids), we are expecting them to be God. That is a role they could never fulfill.

This gets too many families into trouble. Myself included. Too often I fall into the trap of expecting my kids to be perfect. And when they’re not, I get upset and communication breaks down. My expectation of perfection destroys our chance to connect and grow.

Last year, I started working with MeeseWorks, a consulting agency and leader of online educational products. One of the things that continues to amaze me is the company’s values. One of the values that stands out is,

[shareable]Always assume the best intentions.[/shareable]

By assuming the best, we change our reactions. We understand others better and are more able to work and do amazing things. This one understanding can shift your entire perspective of doing things the right way.

Perfectionism is an Excuse for Inaction

Too often we use perfectionism as an excuse. It’s easy to hide behind the idea that our project isn’t perfect or that it’s not good enough to share with others.

This inaction paralyzes us. It destroys every last bit of progress and replaces it with pride.

Imagine how your life would change if you could let some of that pride go. Imagine all the opportunities you’d have to connect with people and build relationships with those you care about.

Everything is a work in progress, including you. You’re still alive. Your mission isn’t accomplished yet, which means you still have work to do.

So go out there and make things happen. The worst that can happen is that you learn and grow. The best that can happen is that you finally are doing things the right way.

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