How to Develop Influence And Be More Productive

Recently I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts by my friend Dave Gambrill where he interviewed Dr. Robert Cialdini and one lesson changed the way I talk with colleagues and even my kids.

More on what I learned in a second.

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Cialdini, you’re in for a treat. He’s one of the world’s top professors of persuasive psychology and influence.

Now you might be wondering what does the psychology of persuasion have to do with productivity or improving your business systems, and the answer is…


When you know how to effectively and ethically persuade and influence, you’ll be a better communicator. And that’s never a bad thing.

You’ll be able to negotiate your commitments and free up time in your calendar.

You’ll be able to get your points across easier and cut down on misunderstandings and back-and-forth emails and conversations.

Who here could stand for a few less Slack notifications or emails?

You’ll be able to understand what makes people tick and what will motivate them to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

Don’t belive me?

While I was listening to the interview, Dr. Cialdini shared one lesson from his updated book on how just one word can turn your biggest haters into huge supporters.

That word…


When you ask someone, “Can I ask your opinion,” they immediately become the villain in your story. They frame their feedback looking through that lens because you asked them for a critique. They are generally see themselves in oposition to you.

However, when you ask, “Can I ask your advice,” it invites them to be the hero.

They get to share their experience, they get to stand beside you, and they get to help you be better.

And when you’re better, you make them look better too.

This one tip has changed not only how I interact with potential clients, but it’s improved how I interact with my kids.

I recommend you grab a copy of the New and Expanded Edition of Influence and see how it can impact your conversations.

In this edition he shares his original six universal persuasion principles, and adds a new seventh universal principle that will change how you interact with others, drive for success, and build community.

If you’ve ever wondered what motivates people to take action, whether in business, social groups, or even your kids, this book is a must read.

When everyone feels heard and supported, you can’t help but be more productive.

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