Did you survive Quitter’s Day?

According to my running app and the data they collected on tens of thousands of people, the second Friday in January is the day most people quit their new year’s resolutions.

People lasted twelve whole days this year before giving up 🤦‍♂️

Did your goals survive Quitter’s Day?

Mine did!

In fact, I doubled-down and took on an EXTRA challenge for Q1 to get my mindset right and gain momentum for the rest of the year.

I had a crazy idea this morning…

…what if we turned the idea of Quitter’s Day on its head and used it as a day to BE a quitter?

To quit rushing from one thing to the next and instead focus on long-term strategy.

To quit putting off that thing you know needs to be done in favor of taking action and stacking small wins.

To quit lying to yourself about how you’ll define your process “some day” and just start documenting your systems now and improve as you go.

I encourage you and give you permission to use today to QUIT whatever it is that’s been holding you back in your life and business (not that you need my permission).

Here’s to doing Quitter’s Day the right way!

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