DO Date > DUE Date

I recently had a great conversation with a coaching client and wanted to share one of the highlights with you.

When using a digital task manager such as Todoist or Nozbedo you set the DUE date or the DO date?


Let’s begin by defining our terms:

DUE Date – The date that a task needs to be completed.

DO Date – The date that you will actually work on the task to make sure it’s completed on time.

The tip I shared with this particular client was to set the DO date when he creates new tasks.

By using the date-field to set the DO date, he’s able to make sure that the task doesn’t fall through the cracks in his busy schedule.

He’ll be reminded of it with enough time to get it complete before it’s DUE.

If for some reason the set time isn’t right to complete this task, he can always defer it to an open time on his calendar.

Try this for the next week to see how it improves your productivity.

I just opened a few coaching times on my calendar to help friends with either their productivity or business questions. 

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