“Hell Week” Day 5: The Warrior Spirit & Connecting with Others

The Warrior Spirit- Connecting w- Others

I made it through the 20x Your Potential “Hell Week.” Friday was Day 5. Time to develop the Warrior Spirit.

Commander Divine, retried Navy SEAL, shared the same message that was pounded into me throughout my military training. You are in the fight together; take action for each other.[Tweet “You are in the fight together, take action for each other #militarymindset”]

Going through “crucible” experiences with others creates an intimate bond. A bond strong enough that Soldiers become a “Band of Brothers.” I’ve written previously about the power of commitment.

The first phase of Basic Training and Officer Candidate School is designed to create this type of crucible experience. Soldiers face the “Shark Attack.” The Drill Sergeants yell, Soldiers fail, and teamwork is the answer. During week one at Fort Sill we faced Tredwell Tower (pictured above). After doing push-ups and countless other exercises in the sand pit, we faced our fears.

Only through working as a team were we able to overcome those fears. For many, the Tower was the biggest challenge they’d ever faced, and the encouragement of the team gave them the strength to push through. [Tweet “Connection, authentic connection, creates the bonds that endure all trials. #militarymindset”]

Friday’s challenge was about major acts of service. Not small time acts, but acts that are big enough to make other people think you’re crazy. While the idea is simple, action is difficult. Action makes all the difference though.

The task was to make an authentic connection with another person. Don’t just text, Facebook message, or email someone. Meet them in person or at the very least, get on the phone and talk to them. Let them know how much they mean to you. Connection, authentic connection, creates the bonds that endure all trials.

The real warrior spirit is summed up in the Warrior Ethos when we say, “I will never leave a fallen comrade.” It’s a connection where we are willing to do anything for another person up to and including death.[Tweet “Often having a battle buddy is all it takes to get through the toughest situations. #militarymindset”]

Just this weekend I had the luxury of going through a crucible experience with a very close friend. This friend means the world to me. By understanding their difficulties and taking action with the warrior spirit, I was able to get down into the trenches and work beside them. Not only did I help them through a life changing struggle, but I learned the power of relationships and connections in overcoming the impossible. Often having a battle buddy is all it takes to get through the toughest situations.

[reminder]Have you been through a crucible experience? How did it make you stronger?[/reminder]

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