How to Get Back in Action When You’re Just Plain Stuck

The past few weeks have been a struggle for me. Work is demanding, my kids are sucking my energy, and I’m just worn out. Have you been here before?

It’s too easy it is to get stuck feeling like there’s no way to move forward. Today I want to outline the three steps I use to move forward when I can’t seem to get unstuck.

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Step 1: Make a Decision

Before I can do anything else, I first have to decide to make a change. I need to figure out what is important and why I want to change. I’ve got to take the first step and make a decision to try something new, to break that habit, or to move on.

Step 2: Get Ready

The next thing to do create a plan. Now, I don’t go crazy here. I only think about the one or two next steps. These next steps need to be something that I can physically complete in the next 5-10 minutes.

Step 2 is where so many people get stuck. They try to plan too much. They want to know all the answers before they begin. They want to map out the exact route to success.

Circumstances will change. Distractions will arise. The perfect plan will have to adapt to new situations.

Step 3: Just Do It

The number one reason I struggle to move forward is because of fear. I’m afraid of criticism. And, sometimes I’m even be afraid of success and the burdens that come with it.[shareable cite=”Robby Miles”]Action mitigates fear[/shareable]

Action mitigates fear. As I’ve written about here, sometimes you just have to let go and make things happen. Here’s another quick story.

A few summers back in Officer Candidate School, I was required to complete combat water survival. One of the tasks was to walk off the end of a five meter diving board. Oh, did I mention I was blindfolded.

The sergeant at the top of a ladder walked me out to the end of the diving board. By the time I thought reached the end, my body was tense. The sergeant made me take two more steps until my toes were hanging off the end of the board and I could barely keep my balance.

Next, he told me to take one step forward. I took the step. There was no room for fear in that moment. I was already in the air. I had to accept my conditions and react. I hit the water. Sank to the bottom. Swam up for air. Ripped off my blindfold. And, swam to the edge of the pool with my rifle in hand.

If you’re feeling stuck, now is the time to do something. Take action. Try something crazy. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. If you still aren’t convinced, here is one more piece of motivation.

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