Stagnant Water Stinks, So Keep Things Moving

Do you ever run into bottlenecks in your business?

Below I lay out the exact steps I use with my clients to get things moving again.

But if you’re like most business owners I work with, you’re the bottleneck…

That doesn’t mean you’re bad at your job, it just means that there’s room to improve your processes.

Imagine a stagnant pond…just sitting still with no movement.

Over time, it begins to grow bacteria and algae, and starts to smell pretty bad.

Our projects and tasks are similar. If we let them sit there untouched, they start to metaphorically ‘stink’.

They become outdated, irrelevant, or even block other more important things from getting completed.

On the other hand, imagine a fresh mountain creek.

Flowing water stays fresh, always being replaced with new water and moving sediment along.

Just like a task that’s being actively worked on, it remains relevant and keeps you moving closer to meeting your overall business goals.

Make sure your task list doesn’t start to stink (you know how it gets to the point where you don’t want to even look at it because there hundreds of outdated tasks that have piled up).

To keep your business fresh as that mountain creek, you need to keep things moving along.

Even a little progress is still progress, right?

7 Simple Steps to Perform a Sanity Check

How to make progress if your project or task list is stagnant:

1) Set a timer for 15 minutes and race against it.

2) Delete any tasks that are no longer relevant

3) Determine the next step for any remaining tasks

4) Prioritize your tasks based on what’s actually most important for moving your #1 business goal forward.

5) Hope you finish before your timer goes off.

6) Take the next step on your number one task.

7) Feel the sense of relief as you start to get things flowing again.

Repeat these steps any time you get stuck or are feeling bogged down.

So, continue to push your tasks forward, maintain momentum and keep our business smellin’ fresh.

If you need a hand to get going or want some built-in accountability, I just opened some complimentary coaching slots on my calendar to help out a few friends.

Click here to grab a time that works so we can make progress on your top priority.

Here’s to keeping it fresh!

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