Simplify Your Life Today With These 3 Tips

What if you knew that it is possible to accomplish more while being happier in the process? It really is simple: focus on what is IMPORTANT. Here are 3 tips to help you simplify your life and daily tasks to free up time to focus on what is important.

1. Simplify Your Decisions

Through defining your priorities you will make the decision making process easier.

Does the decision you’re about to make conflict with anything you stand for?

If it will further your priorities it is a wise decision.

If it compromises your priorities, then it is a definite NO.

For example, if my college buddies invite me over to their house to watch a movie, I have to consider all the priorities above that invitation.

How would a decision to go out with my buddies impact my spiritual life, my marriage, my children, my finances, etc?

2. Simplify Your Focus

One of my favorite things about using an iPad to work is how it is ideal for single-tasking.

This type of focus allows me to spend time on one task without distractions. The simplification of work helps me focus on my number one and what is most important.

Monks understand this basic principle and refer to it as mindfulness.

The point is to focus on the present.

If I am playing with my kids, then I should only focus on playing with my kids.

If I am doing dishes, then I do the dishes.

If I am writing, then I write.

This may be the hardest of these three tips to follow because it is so simple and so easy to get distracted.

But simplifying your focus has tremendous impact on happiness and relationships with others. Don’t believe me? Ask your kids after 5 minutes of quality play time.

3. Simplify Wardrobe

I love how I never had to decide clothes to wear in the military.

I woke up. I put on my uniform. Simple.

I’ve used a similar tactic with my civilian attire. I have a certain set of clothes that I wear each day. Apparently this has become a trend known as the capsule wardrobe.

It’s been said that each decision you make decreases your ability to make the next decision. I guess that is why Steve Jobs and President Obama streamlined their wardrobes too.

By simplifying this one daily action, you can spend more time on the decisions that will get you closer to reaching your goals.

Follow these three tips to simplify your life, and see the impact they have on you and your family.

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