3 Steps To Creating Simple Systems

You can search for the perfect tool or app, but productivity really comes down to creating systems you can stick to. A good system shouldn’t be dependent on an app. This is exactly what David Allen communicates in his book Getting Things Done. Below, you’ll learn the three elements of every system and how to […]

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The Power of Regular Reviews

If you’ve studied the Getting Things Done methodology or used Nozbe for any length of time, you’ve come across the idea of conducting a weekly review.  A weekly review is a chance to clear your head and prioritize the upcoming week. This post will help you use regular reviews (weekly & monthly) to keep moving […]

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3 Productivity Tips From Military Leaders

3 Productivity Tips From Military

“We accomplish more by 9:00 than most people do all day.” This popular Army saying rings true and demonstrates the true productivity of our armed forces. So let’s look at 3 productivity tips. Military leaders manage very tight schedules to ensure they meet the demands of their mission. They must also maintain awareness of all the moving […]

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Achieve More in Less Time By “Batching”

Achieve More In Less Time By Batching

David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, discusses the importance of assigning “contexts” to items in your task list. Batching and contexts describe where or when you should be completing a specific task, i.e. on the phone, at the computer, running errands, etc. Adding a context to your next actions can help organize your project workflow and make your working time […]

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