Setting Up Nozbe Integrations

Now it’s time to peek under the hood of my personal productivity systems. Yeah, the one that is so simple I don’t have to think about it. This system begins with setting up Nozbe integrations to work with your other apps. In this post, you’ll learn how Nozbe’s integrations connect all your favorite apps together […]

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The Power of Regular Reviews

If you’ve studied the Getting Things Done methodology or used Nozbe for any length of time, you’ve come across the idea of conducting a weekly review.  A weekly review is a chance to clear your head and prioritize the upcoming week. This post will help you use regular reviews (weekly & monthly) to keep moving […]

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Is it Time for Email Triage?

Is it Time for Email Triage-

For too long, I used my email inbox as a pseudo-task list. It was a way for me to keep track of all the little things I needed to get back to at some point. I heard somewhere that email is someone else’s task list for you. This one phrase changed my entire view. Email […]

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